Who’s Mark?

I’m Mark McElroy (of MarkMcElroy.com), a writer and creative director based in Atlanta, GA.

I’m an early-adopting, review-reading, technology-obsessed nerd who spends waaaay too much time reading about, shopping for, and buying personal technology. I love finding new tech that makes life better and sharing what works (and what doesn’t). Best of all, I have a gift for helping people find the just the right technology — the right iPhone, the right iPad, the right Amazon Echo, and so on — to meet their needs.

The most widely-read post I’ve ever published — earning hundreds of thousands of hits over the years — was a simple tip for preventing ghost images on LCD monitors. That post took me all of about ten minutes to write and still earns me hundreds of thank you notes from total strangers every year. That’s a great example of the incredible power of just sharing what works — and, really, that post has been my inspiration for creating MarkLovesThis.com.

Finally: please remember that, unlike so many blogs out there these days, the opinions on MarkLovesThis.com are not for sale. I do not accept gifts, samples, review units, free merchandise, or store credit in exchange for a mention on this site. I buy my technology with my own money, just like you do — so you can be sure my advice is objective, honest, and unbiased. (I do embed Amazon affiliate links to products I mention; if you click on one of these links and make a purchase on Amazon, they give me a few cents at no extra cost to you.)

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