AMIR Motion Sensor Battery-Powered LED Lights

Mark McElroy
Written by Mark McElroy

Grab these ultra-bright mini lights for your travel kit!

These super-bright, motion-sensitive LED lights are smaller than a hockey puck and weigh just two or three ounces each, but they put out an amazing amount of cool white light.

As frequent travelers, we stick these little marvels in cruise ship cabin bathrooms and hotel rooms so we can move through unfamiliar spaces without bumping into doors or stubbing toes. But you could also put these lights in cabinets, closets, sheds, or anywhere occasional, reliable light is needed. (During the power outage from Hurricane Irma, we stuck these over doorways, eliminating the need to carry candles or flashlights around the house.)

Light and motion sensors work together to ensure that the ultra-bright LEDs only fire up when motion is detected in a darkened room. In daylight or well-lit rooms, the lamp stays off, extending the life of the two AA batteries.

A pack contains 3 individual lamps for between $6.99 and $10.00, with the price varying on Amazon.com’s mood. These make perfect gifts for friends who travel … and at this price, you should order a few for yourself, too.

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